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Personalized email account

How complicated is the ordering process and is it difficult to use a TrendyMail address?
No to both. It's extremely easy. We have prepared a step by step guide outlining how the whole process works. Click here to have a read.

Will I lose my current email address if I buy a new one?
No, absolutely not. You can continue to use both - your old email address and your personalised email address - or simply over time tell your friends about your new personalised email address. Once you're ready you can stop using the old email address.

Can I change Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
Yes, the beauty of TrendyMail personalised email addresses is that they run independently of your ISP. You can change as many times as you like and your TrendyMail personalised email account will continue to work throughout.

Can I order additional names at a later date?
Definitely. Just contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

How effective are the junk mail filters?
Very. The server where your personalised email account operates uses SpamAssassin - this software maintains a list of servers that are known to be involved in sending junk messages. If you receive an email from an address on one of these 'black lists' then the message won't get through.

We can't promise to eradicate all spam from your personalised email account , but you can be sure that we're always looking to improve the detection rates.

How long does it take to set-up my personalised email account?
This depends. In 99% of cases personalised email addresses will be ready to use within 24 hours of your order. Often is it much less.

To retain my personalised email address how much do I pay next year?
Exactly the same as this year. The only exception would come if the government authorities we purchase email addresses from on your behalf increase their prices. We have no reason to suspect this.

I'm a geek, what am I actually buying?
Welcome! We offer a 50mb IMAP mail account with access via a webmail facility. If you'd like to access your emails in Outlook instead then just contact us for the relevant details.

Our servers are hosted in Interhouse Redbus III (Soverign House), London. Such a reliable facility that our up-time last month was 100%.

Will you sell my personalised email address to junk mail companies?
Absolutely not. We receive hundreds of junk emails a day and appreciate the frustration. We're working to cut out spam, not increase it!

Are your payment pages secure?
Yes, very. The latest technology is used throughout our site to ensure that everything is carried at in the most secure way possible.


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